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Documentary-Book Project

An Investigative approach to the Enigmatic Life and “Death” of Kurt Cobain: A Contribution to the solution of a Mystery

By Farid Habka


In this project, which I am about to start portraying herein, I expect to show both my artistic and investigative capabilities, dealing with a topic I have been interested in since a long time ago, like in the case of other topics which are a Passion of Mine: these basically relate to Reality’s Enigmas in History. In this case, it would be related to the Life and Disappearance of the Rock musician/composer Kurt Cobain, who leaded the Grunge (one of the Rock genres of the early Nineties) band named: Nirvana. It would be a historical -out of archives and other scientific works on him- and research work -including a possible or eventual fieldwork in Seattle, where the named musical movement evolved at, and being also the area where Cobain lived most of his Life, and also the place where he disappeared. As an investigative creation-production, it will be based on a book-type document: its aim is to contribute to decipher and clear the evolution of the Life of this enigmatic artistic character, which set a paradigm/heyday in the History of Rock, conceiving the latter as perhaps the most influential and revolutionary contemporary form of Art.

By studying Kurt Cobain in regard to his Life, -supposed- Death and Legacy we can approximate to Grunge (Early 90´s PunkRock) as one of the most relevant junctures of this peculiar musical movement´s (Rock) development: The first part of the work would relate to the evolution of Kurt Cobain`s Life from his childhood in Washington State -in the northwest of the United States- to his yet bewildered/unsolved Disappearance -supposed and most likely: Death (might it have happened by Suicide or Homicide)-, going through his teenage-hood and his Nirvana years . In that sense, this research project will chronologically illustrate the evolution of Cobain both in his private and public Life, connecting it to the particular and puzzling events that led to his Disappearance in April 1994: which being the most mysterious part of Cobain’s Existence, would be exclusively studied on the second Part of this investigation.

The goal of this Book-Documentary project is to show my Research on this enigmatic character of Rock’s History, taken the former as one of the most important movements in western cultural evolution in recent times. This Project focuses on a particular Inquiry regarding the Existence of Cobain, which takes relevance as it has highly influenced the recent mentality of this artistic movement, envisioned not only as a musical phenomenon but also as a Lifestyle and even a Philosophy of Life in our complex contemporary world. In that sense, and acknowledging the importance of this artist in nowday´s Culture -from Generation X and on-, it will be a fair tribute to Kurt Cobain and also to Truth, Science and Research to help to simplify a Mystery such as the one that surrounds this peculiar person. The former -especially- considering the possibility that a -homicidal-Conspiracy might have taken place, regarding the suspicious circumstances of Cobain`s Disappearance , and in that I -as a Researcher and Fan- wish to make a contribution herein. The previous would be done by using a strong objective research background, hoping it will help us to have a clearer view on the Kurt Cobain Case.


I have been particularly interested in the historical and biographical Reconstruction of some Enigmatic characters: I have already done a research work on Jesus of Nazareth (also a book-documentary project I wish to retake later on and update. I also want (as here) to explore the mysterious Life and Disappearance of Kurt Cobain.

Musical movement -based on a “rock and roll” rhythm and on the conjunction of a bass, a guitar, voice and drums, which evolved from Blues- that revolted the Western Cultural structure during the latter part of the 20th century: It has developed as the evolution of a succession of bands -mainly in the anglosaxon tradition- from The Beatles to Nirvana and Post-Nirvana groups, going through Led-Zeppelin, Black-Sabbath, Metallica, Aerosmith, GunsnRoses, etc. It has projected a handful of genres: from Classical Rock-n-Roll to Grunge, going though Punk, Hard-Rock, Metal, etc

This Genre, which particularly evolved in the northwestern area of the United States circa 1990, consists on a Post-Punk Alternative Rock movement, which was defined by angst-ridden creativity and the sound of garage-dirty-type guitars and drumming (these includes a use of distortion-clean effect changes, feedback, slow tempos, dissonant harmonies) within a tension/release song structure, as well as a howling singing and passive/aggressive and anti-alienatory lyrics

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Cobain was the leader of Nirvana, the Grunge band that redefined Rock in the early Nineties. He was born on the 20th of February of 1967 in Aberdeen, a logging town near Seattle. Cobain was highly influenced by his parent's Divorce by the age of seven. From then on the introverted and antisocial tendencies that rose in him, coped with his extroverted side: both trends were conserved during his Life, and this can be traced in his artistic-musical Life. He not only created what would become Nirvana -joyful/anguished (passive-aggressive) Rock-, but he also liked writing, painting and even acting. After this incident and during his Teenagehood, while Cobain lived in several different places -relatives, friends, teacher’s houses, etc-, his Sensitivity towards Rock music increased, being mostly influence by british bands from The Beatles to The Sex Pistols. Meanwhile, Cobain met Krist Novoselic, his future friend and bandmate, with whom he shared the passion for Punk-Rock Music. By 1987 Cobain's habitat was Olympia, where the band Nirvana was formed: basically, Cobain on guitar/voice, Novoselic on bass, and eventually Dave Grohl on drums..

In 1989 Nirvana produced their first album -named Bleach- with the Seattle based-and independent label Sub-Pop. In their UK tour, Nirvana received great recognition and in 1991 they joined Geffen, a megalabel, being the first non-mainstream (underground-originated) band to do so. They released Nevermind, which included their single Smells Like Teen Spirit, which would propel Nirvana to sell ten million copies (a gain of around US$550), leaving them as millionaires. Cobain was dazed at the reception of his highly personal and passionate Music, repeatedly manifesting that none of the band members ever expected anything like that. During these years Cobain was very concentrated on Nirvana, although some private Life issues went on, especially on behalf of its relation to his public Life: His drug-addiction increased as his Health was diminished and his coupling with Courtney Love -whom he married in 1992-, became problematic. This was aggravated by the Music-industry-related pressure on him, which he despised, as he continued to focus on his creative side, which he highly enjoyed: in this it is exposed how Cobain had a bipolar -distressed/joyful- personality and Life that shaped his Existence in all aspects.
Nirvana’s following two albums Incesticide (1992) and In Utero (1993) showed Cobain`s ironic-sarcastic-type Art as well as his Existential Sensitivity: by that time Cobain remained worried that his band had sold-out, and was -in his criteria- then wrongly fanaticized. Since around Nirvana’s MTV Unplugged (November 1993) and throughout the 1994 european tour, it became obvious the band was coming close to disappear: Anyhow, Cobain showed feelings of being Cheerful and disposed to vary his musical/artistic affinity (As proofed in the videotaped Seattle late 1993 Much Music Interview, where Cobain manifests being Happy and willing to evolve and expressing: “change ….style of Music…..I really want to do something different…” : something that would contradict his supposed 1994 suicidal tendencies.).
It was after this that the enigmatic events of his Death came forward: this developed from the-Rome-incident (March 1994: when Nirvanas tour was canceled due to Cobain`s fatigue) until his Seattle Death-finding in April of the same year. Most of these events were related to his conflict with Love. Since then, Cobain has physically disappeared but it is yet a Mystery as to whether -as his lifeless body was found in his house- he chose suicide or a conspirative homicide took place. The research regarding this has being developing since 1994 until nowdays, by investigators like Tom Grant, Nick Broomfield, Ian Halperin/Max Wallace: This case is yet to be deciphered and in that I wish to contribute with my work.

The Generation following the post-Second-World-War baby-boom Generation (chiefly conformed in the United States, but also in Europe and even in the rest of the planet influenced by the Anglo-Culture, including Rock): those born in the Sixties and Seventies, that is, mainly those in their twenties during the 1990s. This coincides with the worldwide changes caused by the end of the Cold War and the consolidation of Alternative (mostly apathy-type and disenchanted post-Punk) Rock.

As an Investigator without conclusive Proof, I have to doubt of it, as it has happened with other Rock legends such as Presley, Morrison, Hendrix, Lennon, etc. etc.