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Farid Jabba



Graduation Speech


Respected Principal, Parents, Teachers and classmates:


At this time I would like to speak out to you for a while, with the intention of expressing what it feels like -for myself- to graduate from this school at this moment of my Existence. It is for me an achievement of great and deserved admiration, because of the fact that it has not been an easy job to do, if we talk in terms of the academic and disciplinary demands of the Liceo de Cervantes.

During the process of studying at this school there were really a lot of unpleasant moments that I can remember right now, and just a few the ones that could be recovered and shown proudly: like the fact of graduating from this almost unbearable school, after resisting that much, after making an invaluable effort that was not greatly appreciated at the school, just like in my case in which I failed the 10 th grade and stayed here to approve it and maintain myself in the way of a Bachelor .I want to thank the school for leaving me a very good academic level and an interesting human-religious formation , but this is the only thing I would thank them, because if we refer to other aspects there is not a lot I have to say about it. It just makes me feel anger, unsatisfaction, sadness, deception, (jajaja) and other states of mind that are produced by this school in some students, as it has not learnt to treat us as individual human-beings whom have got their own way to view Life; instead, what they have always tried to do is to make us all the same person in the way it works the best for them, in order to get their goal of having us without expressing our feelings.

I want to thank those classmates who showed their support to me and who have now become my friends, with whom I would like to keep in touch in the Future. For those who did not support me at any time and perhaps hated me,(jeje) I wish something happened to them that would make them regret their selfish behaviour and start to change. I also want to thank all those teachers who deserve it, just because somehow they were always trying to understand each of their students.Finally I would like to thank my parents for always being there supporting me and helping me out through this process, which has reached its end, showing up an achievement for myself that makes me feel very very proud.